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Our Services

VPS Hosting

Starting at: $1.25/Month
Pay with Zentoshi Coin: $1 20% OFF

VPS server hosting on cutting edge XEON processors, Enterprise-Grade HDD's, and powered by ZentoshiNodes!


Managed VPS Hosting

Starting at: $5.25/Month
Pay with Zentoshi Coin: $4.20 20% OFF

A VPS server fully managed by SunnyNodes’ professionals, who can assist you in the full installation and the maintenance. No matter if it is a website being deployed, or a Masternode, you can sit back while we work!


Instant MN¹ & SN²

¹MasterNode ²ServiceNode

Starting at: $1.25/Month
Pay with Zentoshi Coin: $1 20% OFF

Save time by deploying one of our supported coin's masternode or servicenode, ready to run at the click of a button. Minimal setup required!


Infrastructure Node $250/Month

Pay with Zentoshi Coin: $200 20% OFF

Employ the same resources we use to host our services and infrastructure. A dedicated server powered by ZentoshiNodes. Utilizing cutting edge Intel XEON processors, Enterprise-Grade HDD's, premium bandwidth, and blockchain technology.

CPU Dual XEON 2680v2 (32 Cores)
Storage (2)600GB 10K SCSI HDD
Bandwidth 30000TB

Pay with Zentoshi Coin

We bill our services with our utility currency Zentoshi Coin. While we also accept fiat currencies as a means to make purchases on our platform, Zentoshi Coin enables us to save money on transaction fees that would normally be charged by PayPal, Visa, and other major billing providers. Not only is Zentoshi Coin more efficient than these more mainstream options, but it also costs us near zero to offer which is why we pass the savings on to our customers by offering 20% off everything we sell.

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Supported Cryptocurrencies

SunnyNode partners with the leading cryptocurrencies to provide you easy, fast, reliable one click Masternodes and Servicenodes. We focus in catered support uniquely specialized to your needs.

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