Sunnynode managed hosting

Masternode and Mining services made as easy as clicking a button!

About us

We provide convenience and professionalism to clients all around the world.

From observing the cryptocurrency community, we saw a requirement in technical skill and knowledge to participate in this evolving market. Wanting to ease the complexity of running a Masternode and Mining coins, we sought to equip the masses with the ability to be involved in this cutting edge technology. Providing feasibility to any level of user while avoiding the steep learning curve of Masternodes and Mining cryptocurrency.

Creation of Masternode

Our team of experts will complete the whole process involved in setting up a Masternode for you, ensuring that it is set up correctly the first time around. In our capable hands, we will provide this service as promptly as possible to meet any personal or project timeline you have.

Setting up your Miner

We offer simple mining contracts suitable for beginners to veterans. Earn money without the conventional hassles of running the hardware. When you buy a miner through us, you own it. Once your contract expires we either send the Bitmain or GMO miner back to you, or renew the hosting contract.

Maintenance and Servicing

We provide care to your Masternodes and Miners. It is our job to make sure your hardware is functioning properly. With a list of daily checkups and monitoring, we prevent issues before they start. Should any problems arise, our dedicated team of technicians are here to help; day or night.

Masternode Monthly Hosting

$10 /mo
Managed Masternode hosting available for any of our supported cryptocurrencies.
  • 24/7 Discord Support
  • Free Installation
  • Cloud-based VPS with:
  • 1 vCPU & 1GB RAM

Special Pricing Masternode

$5 /mo
Add an Additional Masternode for a different coin on to your current plan
  • We offer special pricing for current members with a masternode monthly plan, Add an additional masternode for a different coin onto your existing plan and get $5 off the cost of the plan.

Sha-256 Mining Service 1Yr

We source the miner, and host it for one simple rate. At the end, it's yours to keep!
  • 24/7 Discord Support
  • 1 Year Contract
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Hash Rate: 13.5 TH/s

Mining Service Contract +1 Year

Host your miner with us for an additional year!
  • +1 Year on hosting contract
  • 24/7 Discord support
  • Data center contract
  • On-Site Repairs/Troubleshooting
  • Connection to mining pool
  • Electricity costs
  • Free Consultation

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